Coconut Oil – Worlds Best

 Coconut Oil has been called a “superfood”

Because of its array of health benefits, including weight loss, immune system enhancement, and brain health.

Coconut Oil used In the tropical areas people have consumed it for thousands of years. Creative Bioscience® only uses organic, GMO-free, virgin (meaning cold-pressed and unrefined).

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It contains unsaturated fat chains called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

It has also been shown to control appetite by increasing satiety. By leaving you feeling fuller for longer periods of time after meals and decreasing the chances of overeating. Therefore aid in losing weight.

The MCTs from coconut oil is like putting premium, high-octane fuel into your car. The car will run smoother and get better gas mileage.  Similarly, with MCTs, your body may perform better since it has more vitality and more prominent continuance.  This burst of vitality is accepted to stimulatingly affect the whole body.

It also contains compounds that can help your body fight infection and boost your immune system. A compound called Lauric Acid makes up about half of the fatty acids in coconut oil. When coconut oil is broken down in the digestive tract it also forms a substance called Monolaurin. Both Lauric Acid and Monolaurin have been shown to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


100% organic, GMO-free, cold pressed, unrefined, virgin coconut oil

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Here you can see a documented YouTube video on the many benefits of Coconut Oil.  And we have found the best resource for it, in capsule form, tasteless and full of benefits.

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24 Uses for Coconut Oil (When consumed through Capsules – best method).  And this is just a start…

  1. Consumed daily for energy
  2. For healthier and shinier skin (from the inside out)
  3. To lighten age spots (from the inside out) on the skin
  4. To support healthy thyroid function
  5. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism
  6. Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema from the inside out (from consuming directly)
  7. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s
  8. Has helped improve insulin levels
  9. can help improve cholesterol ratios
  10. reduces the appearance of varicose veins
  11. an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat
  12. When consumed consistently, can help get rid of cellulite
  13. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen arthritis
  14. resolve acne when used regularly
  15. speed weight loss when consumed daily
  16. improve sleep when taken daily
  17. increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium
  18. Internally as part of the protocol to help remineralize teeth
  19. Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
  20. When taken regularly, it can boost your hormone production
  21. Can boost circulation and help those who often feel cold
  22. Internally during pregnancy, it helps provide the baby with the necessary fats for development (especially when taken with Fermented Cod Liver Oil)
  23. Ingesting coconut oil daily can help with allergy symptoms
  24. Ingesting coconut oil daily can increase mental alertness

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There are other Benefits Coconut Oil Contains.  Fatty Acids With Powerful Medicinal Properties

It has one of the richest sources of saturated fat known to man, with almost 90% of the fatty acids in it being saturated.

Additionally, coconut oil doesn’t contain saturated fats like you would find in cheese or steak.  Which goes straight to the liver from the digestive tract. Which can effect the mind causing an issue like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s ailment?

The Populaces That Eat a Considerable measure of Coconut Oil Are Sound. It’s “intriguing” nourishment in the Western world, basically devoured by wellbeing cognizant individuals.

In some parts of the world, coconut is a dietary staple that people have thrived on for many generations. The best example of such a population is theTokelauans, which live in the South Pacific.  Are they eating over 60% of their calories from coconuts?   And are the biggest consumers of saturated fat in the world. These people are in excellent health, with no evidence of heart disease

Oil that is extracted from coconuts

Helps You Burn More Fat. Study have to show That there are more American that suffers Obesity and is currently one of the biggest health problems in the world. One interesting feature of coconut oil is that it can reduce your hunger and aid in losing weight. Learn more about Coconut oil and its benefits.


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