The Two Witnesses Unveiled

The “Two Witnesses Unveiled” is Life Changing


Author: G. Max Gooding

These are terrible, wondrous times. Are you ready to face eternity? The Holy Bible is unfolding at an alarming rate. Look for yourself.  News reports proving the accuracy of Biblical prophecies, as we live to witness end times prophecies unfolding before our very eyes…

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The Two Witnesses Unveiled stands in the center of the Book of Revelation.

Many people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:    Every true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, must therefore now know the truth about who they really are. Over the years, many have guessed and speculated about who they are. Others have massaged their egos claiming to be them. But when the truth hits you it is like a shaft of light that pierces your soul, and you know, this is the truth!

For many years the Church has been generally lukewarm.

It is now mainly about health and wealth. While we have been concerned about our personal success and building our own personal empires, the heathen has been carefully plotting world domination. Key pieces are being quietly put into place, and they are awaiting the dragon to take his position over them and then to enslave mankind.

Get this comprehensive eBook that is available on the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation. Included are numerous pictures, charts, diagrams, maps, tables and Biblical references. You will greatly increase your understanding of the role of the Church in these end times as well as the role of false religion.

Key Topics Covered Include:

check1The biggest betrayal in modern history.


check1The events theTwo Witnesses witnessed.


check1How they will be killed and why they will not be buried.




Why they are also described as Two Olive Trees

check1      The locking in of the timing of key events for the Church to look out for.

check1     The last shift that the Church must make.

 check1When and how the Lord Jesus Christ will step in and establish His Kingdom. And Much  more topics HERE