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Total Money Magnetism Offers a simple but powerful techniques for attracting material and spiritual success, MoneyMagnetism is a practical, easy-to-understand guide, sure to produce results. Filled with fresh,new insights about how to attract true wealth.  Money Magnetism goes far beyond the scope of other books.  Each of the principles Dr. Steven discussed can be used for wealth building, also helps readers attract whatever they need in life, and when they need it.

Dr. Steven Jones shares with you how to become weathy.

Many teachers and experts tell us to think positive to achieve success. But, let me tell you…

Positive thinking is NOT enough to become successful.

Mind SecretsIf you want to become successful in your life then you have to combine positive thinking with millionaire mindset and action. In short, you have to reprogram your brain to think like a millionaire. YES!! It is possible to reprogram your brain to think like a millionaire so money will come to you.

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Total Money MagnetismIt is created by Dr. Steve G. Jones who is very popular hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire. In this program Dr. Steve shared 6 money-making secrets that popular Hollywood directors, self-made millionaires and executives use on regular basis to multiply their income every time.

Dr. Steve divided this informative program into two different parts.

The first part of this program is 160+ pages manual that is divided into 4 parts and contain exact blueprint on of wealth-building and money making abilities. In this manual Dr. Steve revealed steps on how to remove self-destroying habits and toxics that are blocking your way towards success. Additionally, this manual contain many other valuable information like 10 secret success principles, 5 fundamental to millionaire success, building wealth, attracting mindset and much more.