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The Author – I love to wDahleen Face Shotatch movies, I am an energetic, restless, and a nothing is an impossible type of person.

My name is Dahleen Castleberry and I am 57 years of age.  And a pleased grandma of four grandkids ranging from 2 years of age to 16.  I’m hitched to a brilliant man named Greg for a long time. Raised in Manhattan, NYC  later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thereafter, I moved to Tennessee and served in the Tennessee Armed Forces. I have been living In Tenessee for more than 30 years and it’s my home.

Recently I decided to change my 16 year Land Profession to join my better half in his long time goal and dream of cruising on a sailboat. Now I live on the sailboat and have had the opportunity to travel and meet awesome individuals along my  journey.


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