Must Have For 2017

Must have for 2017…. Wishing you and yours great New Years.

This is the year of Big Box Stores Online

Must Have Fine Wines Delivered to your Door subcategory of Cooking Food and Wine. This outstanding wine store consistently caputures the best of its customers. More details Here!!!  

I have been working Hard to find new stores to promote items and I am happy to say that recently I became an affiliate of with many great stores.  And, these sites has everything you could want. It’s a new They are Box Store in my Marketplace Mall. However; these stores are enough to cover all the interests of everyone from baby to elderly and marine.

Starting in my menu with Arts & Entertainment Category , you see just some of what this store contains. Then, you can check out anything else you are looking for by the appropriate category.

Of course there are many more Specialty Stores under Categories. I am trying to cover everyone’s gift, from Audio Visual, home, clothing, pet and outdoor and many more. I even have a set of recipe books that will teach you to cook comfort foods recipes to healthy living.

Another big box store is Direct Cellars.

Find it in my Fine Wines Delivered to your Door subcategory of Cooking Food and Wine. This outstanding wine store consistently captures the best for their customers. They send out, every month, something new is found in some faraway place, that is not available in normal retail stores. And, Direct Cellars makes it available to us as Member Customers, at a distinctly reduced price because only they have it. Anyone who loves fine wine needs to check this big box store out. More Details GO HERE!!

Also, I’m working now, with Blogging about my journey. Living on a sailboat, traveling to beautiful countries around the world.  I talk about a true lifestyle living on a sailboat, the people we meet and mishaps we encounter, the day to day chores and preparations etc.  Anyone wishing to read it can sign up for email access to the chapters. Sign up in the box in the upper right hand corner to receive notifications of updates.

Photo taken by Dahleen at Rudder Cay  in the Bahamas. It’s an underwater stainlessu steel mermaid near by David Copperfield private Island. Read at “About the Author”