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Our Story -Our Journey

Life’s Journey – We purchased our first sailboat without knowing how to operate It! 


Greg and I set out in October 2005 to test a life of simplicity. Being Beginners in this field of sailing we were anxious but yet we had a ton of fun, Sailing/motoring down the East Coast Waters to the Bahamas was exhilarating. We spent 6 months exploring the many islands in the Bahamas and its beauty.  Thereafter, we returned to the US and decided we needed a  bigger boat If,  we were going to cruise.  Here are some of the Islands we visited


143  Anchored out at Norman’s Cay    Nassau   Lobster hunting at Norman’s Cay.  A very interesting island. Norman’s Cay is a small Bahamian island in the Exumas chain of islands south and east of Nassau.

In the late 1970′ through 1982

Norman’s Cay served as the headquarters for a drug-smuggling operation for Carlos Lehder (aka Diego Delgado in the movie Blow with Johnny Depp).  The story is..Lehder started a business partnership with George Jung, which was the beginning of the biggest cocaine smuggling empire in history. He built connections with the biggest suppliers of cocaine in Colombia, Pablo Escobar, and his Medellin Cartel. Read more about this at  The days of drug lord Carlos Lehder are long gone. Today his home is covered with weed and vines.  The airstrip  that was once used for planes to deliver drugs to the island is the only thing still active carrying passengers or workers for the company developing the island. It has changed hands many times but once again some optimistic investors plan to develop a marina and reopen the beach club, still known by the name McDuffs.

Black Point Exumas

 147  A House Castle White Castle on Black Point, Excumas Bahamas

White Castle on Black Point, Exumas Bahamas

The settlement of Black Point is a gem! It has a great harbor with plenty of room in the anchorage. But, the most attractive thing about the settlement is the people – friendly, outgoing, and focused on being of service to cruisers.  Sand Castle at Black Point Great Guana Cay Exumas privately owned.  Lots of fun cruising the Bahama Islands for six (6) months.   Now back to work to makeThe Dream” happen.

2007 We both went back to work to prep forThe Dream.

Greg continued to fly helicopters and I went back to Real Estate.  We were constantly reminded of the list of things we have to do to prepare for our future journey . Just to mention a few:

Save Money  to buy a boat by 2013 before Greg retires.

    Sell our stuff and prep the boat to move onto by 2014- 2015.

Buy, install and  fix up the boat to live comfortably i.e. watermaker, generator, outlets, mattress, electronic etc….Re- Learn all the nautical things we knew at one time but forgot.

Like, maintain/repair/jerry-rig things when you can’t find parts i.e. electronics, motors, and equipment.

    Re-learn the basics like first aid, cooking with raw material – simple foods from scratch.
      Simple, right?  well, there is more!

Fast forward…

Meanwhile, between prepping and living at home working toward the Future Journey. Greg and I have had the opportunity to do some traveling by plane. One of our trips was to Madrid Spain.

From 2013-14 we had made multiple trips Spain.  From Madrid to the southern part of Spain.  We spent most of our stay in Almunecar.  It is a municipality in the Spanish Region of Andalusia on the Costa Tropical between Nerja (Málaga) and Motril in Spain.  It has a subtropical climate and beautiful surroundings of the coastal views and less commercial scenery . It also lies in the province of Granada.


There are a lot of tunnels for vehicles to travel from one end to the other. The landscape along the highway was full of rows of Olive Trees, and many silhouettes of fighting bulls (symbol of Bull Fighting

Beautiful coastal view from the highways.


Of the Merriterainum waters


History…..  The first Arab invasion of southern Spain came in 711 AD.  Almuñécar, the town is reminded when  Omeya Abd ar-Rahman I of Damascus,rhaman the founder of the Emirate of Cordoba, arrived from North Africa.  He established his Arab kingdom.The Spanish conquistadores ravaged their way through South America and ended up with a lot of gold.  Then became a “superpower” and a rich country.  Now times have changed.  The gold is now gone and unemployment is high. 

Many of the castles along the ocean coastal line of Spain still remain. The castles the people today of  the stronghold of the city, and the seat the government had in its walls of strengthened. Dungeons were built in the castle for those out of favor, but also baths for the use of those in charge


Alhambra Palace – Granada

The Alhambra was a palace, a citadel, a fortress and home of the Nasrid Sultans, high government officials, servants of the court and elite soldiers of the Nasrid Dynasty (1238-1492), the last Islamic sultanate in the Iberian Peninsula. The Alhambra is one of the most widely known of all Islamic works of art.

The Royal Palaces has a number of brilliantly designed and decorated function rooms and courtyards that were used by the Muslim rulers for different purposes.


The Patio de Los Leones is surrounded by four buildings where the sultan and his closest family lived. 

 download   almunecar-pozuelo-03  statutes

Most apartments are for rent in Almunecar and are within walking distances of the beaches  We rented one for 30 days at a time and enjoyed the beaches and the plaza  where there are a Lot of Art Statutes to enjoy

The old town of Almunecar consists of two parts. The streets in the lower, later, parts were steep but fairly straight and wide enough for e.g. carts (and now, some, for cars) There are lots of stores and restaurants  in between the buildings and apartments are above.steep-hills           streets

the cobble streets are eye catching with it unique decorative patterns of rocks and bricks all through the old town.

Stay tuned for more stories of places we’ve visited on my next update…..

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